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Learn more about our customizable embeddable platform for Defense, Discovery, and Protection.


Who we are.


WE focus on edge AI

Just like an egg is the edge of a system...

Our AI can be reset for an infinite variety of missions via trusted ethernet (other options available as necessary).

ecosystem pluggable

Just like a lightbulb can fit into many lamps...

We fit into almost any system.. We enhance assets to provide real-time enhanced awareness, dynamic teaming and perform a mission.

actionable ai

Just like accessories fit the mission...

Missions can vary and we leverage real-time hypergraphs to enable autonomous decisions within a deterministic constraint fabric.

Check out the feautres

We build rapidly updatable low power edge ai.


flexible hardware.

We deploy on a wide variety of hardware supporting a variety of environments, use cases and missions.

rapid learning.

Teamed systems can learn from each other, reducing the need to pretrain when known assets are already deployed in-field.

zero rf signature

Zero RF chatter. The AI, models, contexts and missions are on-board.

dynamic teaming.

Assets can dynamically team to further reduce cognitive load and enhance awareness. Still near-zero RF.


Missions, models, contexts and the AI can be updated in-field with new data, information, models, missions and trainings.

very low power.

AI can run on systems with as low as one watt of power consumption (ask us about sub-watt power AI also!). 

use cases

ISR enhanced awareness.

Enhance operational awareness across assets with flexible deployment of HyperEdge on multiple assets

AIEA is AI Enhanced Awareness and can be created for specific use-cases.
This use case enhances operational awareness for the individual. AIEA can be tuned to specific contexts, environments and expected RF operations..

Optionally cam automatically team dynamically with other AIEA enhanced assets across operational areas, retaining a near-zero RF signature, freeing valuable bandwidth.

Figure 1: AIEA - AI Enhanced Warrior Platform

Figure 1-1: AIEA - AI Enhanced Warrior Platform - Visualization

generalized patrol awareness.

Improve pattern of life and situational awareness and response using existing assets by enhancing them with HyperEdge on a variety of airframes.

Distinguishes normal patterns from anomalous, identifies important general situations (fire, car accident), which further informs response teams, traffic flow systems and other downstream information consumers.

Can identify and track targets and share information with other enhanced assets to perform handoff (due to battery or other concerns) and can share missions.

Figure 2: GPA- Generalized Platform for Awareness

Figure 2-1: GPA- Capabilities - Visualization and Identification of Threat and At-Risk

some areas where our technology applies.

selected industries

Interesting facts about us.


key staff

David schneider


Founder and CEO, serial entrepreneur.. Expertise in business growth and AI. Extensive experience with systems operating in extreme conditions with variable and low power.

michael lopez


Founder and CTO and another fellow serial entrepreneur. Expertise in technical leadership, architecture, device and cloud platforms as well as operations of technical teams.

Russ mygrant


Experienced business and teams growth leader with expertise in sales team growth and operations, fabrication and hardware integration, and business development.

aaron frank


Experienced business development experience, drone and automation systems experience and financial expertise - for which he is kindly lending for his role as acting CFO.

bill fredericks

Aeronautical Advisor

Former marine and NASA Engineer. Currently CEO of Advanced Aircraft Company (long range VTOL BLOS drones). Extensive experience with airframe design, payloads, power and environmental needs.

Dr. josh daymude, PhD

Distributed Computing

Experience in cutting edge distributed computational environments and programmable matter. Co-led initial prototyping effort with David..


Systems Architecture

Professor of Computer Science (University of North Texas) providing expertise in high performance data analysis, NLP, and data visualization.

Z Flores, Phd

Experience in advanced algebras - applied to embedded hypergraph spaces.

advisory board

jon michaels

CEO Stronghold Financial

dr. mikki behnke, phd

Director, IQVIA

dr. darin taverna, phd

Senior Director, Denovo Biopharma

some of our partnerships

key partners

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