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Modular Mission Guided Conceptual Learning AI

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Who we are.

WE`RE a platform company

A platform that goes beyond bounding boxes and counts and understands a concept, situation, scenario or scene.

We build the layers of the AI stack that take your AI systems from reactive and diagnostic to proactive and prognostic.

SkyArmour is at a research stage.
Vision and capabilities are outlined here.
Inquiries regarding staff, research papers and board members are welcome.

Research has progressed to demonstrable conceptual learning systems combining hypergraphs, models, and various dimensional spaces.

We take our expertise

Graphs and hypergraphs

We have developed and deployed some of the largest integrated hypergraphs in the world, and have worked with top researchers on accelerating traversals.

Collective Intelligence

We work on the cutting edge of swarming and collective intelligence and apply this to our conceptual learning platform.

Embeddings and Spaces

We understand and use state-of-the-art embeddings and spaces and apply these to the platform modules.

combine your needs and use cases

Your data and/or ours

We use your data and models
- and/or -
Our curated data and models.

To create conceptual learning modules for your mission guided ai

Modules are dynamic, deployable to devices and systems, virtual or otherwise, and can be used in a cloud, on embedded devices, or hybrid and combination methods.

a flexible modular Platform


IBM Digital 7090
An IBM 7090 with magnet core.
17 September 1965
Part of the Ballistic Missle Early Warning System - Site II, Alaska

We've come a long way in a short time and this journey has a long way to go.
image courtesy of the Libarary of Congress HAER- AK-30-A-98

scaling and modules

  • conceptual learning modules
  • modules deployable and sharable
  • transferable modules - direct and via network or agents
  • n-scaling (unlimited)
  • collectives can operate as single nodes
  • collectives can be static or dynamic - agents can learn to create differing collectives
  • collectives can be any combination of agents


  • context aware hypergraph knowledgebases
  • inferential, and deduced relationships and conclusions
  • inferences and deductions can be manifested as hyperedges - dynamic or static
  • dynamic collective assembly
  • agent to agent sharing and learning (sharing hyperedges, inferences to entire hypergraphs to modules)
  • capability bound solutions resolved without static solutions and consider time/energy constraints
  • standardized problem-solutions built-in (e.g. pathing, area of coverage, collision detection/avoidance)
  • hypothesis generation and testing
  • dynamic cost function analysis (agent, collective)
  • dynamic collective assembly
  • self-aware of own capabilities


  • agents can be physical or virtual
  • physical agents - capability limited by class (blimp, drone, camera, sensor, wearable...)
  • virtual agents - deployable as static or roaming agents
  • agents are decision capable with self-awareness of capabilities
  • local decision is dynamic and learns (see Intelligence)
  • decision making improves with dynamic and static constraints (e.g. can constrain to not ignore mission(s))
  • agent coordination between collective(s) (dynamic and static) of physical and virtual agents

mission guided

  • agents are guided (not directed) by a hypergraph of mission(s)
  • mission parameters guide agent activity - and can be dynamic (constraint limited) or static
  • 3 laws core module supporting
  • mission balancing
  • agents can share mission(s) or actions necessary to complete a mission
  • agents determine actions for solution of a mission/mission-segment
  • agent coordination between collective(s) (dynamic and static) of physical and virtual agents

Our platform is currently under development.
It is designed to integrate into autonomous systems as layers of the overall system.

We are currently offering prospective research based solutions for use cases in:

- healthcare monitoring
- area of protection (parking lots, malls, airports, railyards, construction sites)
- discovery and detection (search and rescue, police, military)

Inquiries for additional solution spaces are welcome.
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complicated problems for the best clients in the world.