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Learn more about our customizable embeddable platform for Defense, Discovery, and Protection.


Who we are.


WE focus on edge AI

AI that can be applied to any use cases - with the hardware, drones and systems you use.

The AI product stack that enables your mission.

ecosystem pluggable

We enhance any asset, from helmets to goggles to drones with real-time enhanced awareness,

Any device - we make it perform what you want.

actionable ai

Whatever you need - observe, inspect, report, distract - an autonomous AI designed for you.

Confidence of known autonomous action.

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We help you make the right choices.

our services


Speed up the right decisions

Our expertise in hardware, and software and AI, enable you to make the right decisions faster.

Flight controllers, autopilots, sensors and sensor integration, computation, power and heat dissipation and more - we have the team and experience to help you make the right decisions the first time.
Software and AI
Weight, power, over-person, FAA, and a host of other factors impact what you can do, where you can do it, and with whom at the controls. Speed your time-to-market with our expert guidance.


Accelerate prototyping

Our engineering resources, with our expertise enable us to accelerate your prototyping.

Design can include any combination of the hardware stack, sensor package(s), and AI hardware and software.
We have expertise in all 3 and can create a design to your solution needs.
With design complete, we can prototype a system to the portions you need (hardware, sensors, software+AI) and deliver that prototype - saving you valuable time and money.


Product Build and Creation

We can create complete final product which you can take to production, enabling you to reduce your time-to-market.

We design and prototype to specifications, work through use-cases, manage the entire process and create a working prototype, from which we move to our process of building a final product.
Iteration to Final Product
With prototyping complete, we create a complete project plan to iterate until you have a production ready product, which you can take to market.

existing technologies you can integrat and special services we provide


QuickLearn systems dynamically learn - enabling existing your trusted current assets to train new assets - reducing or eliminating the need to retrain.

flexible hardware.

We know hardware, sensors, and AI libraries,

We make custom design packages that fit what you have and enable your mission.


DynamicTrust assets can automatically team based on mission using secure dynamic teaming protocols - reducing cognitive load and rapidly enhancing capabilities .

rf quiet.

We make systems that don't require that you have internet everywhere.
Your AI enhanced systems minimize your RF and internet footprint.


LSWAP ensures that your systems consume power within a constrained window, ensuring you know durations without worrying about burst power needs.


Your needs can change - and our systems are designed to adapt and update with your needs.

how we work

understanding the need

The image to the right shows the complex autonomous AI space.

We help you navigate this space and build the solution you need - using the right hardware, systems, sensors and software.

Our existing technologies, from LSAP to QuickLearn can also be applied, to further enhance your solution.

The AIEA goggles to the right are just one example of how our expertise is leveraged to create novel useful AI products.

Figure 1: AIEA powered glasses with LSWAP and QuickLearn.

We build modular rapidly updatable things.

our work

                  First product prototype release: Q4 2021
HUD AI 360 enhanced awareness

example use cases

generalized patrol awareness.

Improve pattern of life and situational awareness and response using existing assets by enhancing them aith HyperEdge on a variety of airframes.

Distinguishes normal patterns from anomalous, identifies important general situations (fire, car accident), which can further inform response teams, traffic flow systems and other downstream information consumers.

Can identify and track targets and share information with other enhanced assets to perform handoff (due to battery or other concerns) and can share missions.

Figure 2: GPA- Generalized Platform for Awareness

Figure 2-1: GPA- Capabilities - Visualization and Identification of Threat and At-Risk

ISR enhanced awareness.

Enhance operational awareness across assets with flexible deployment of HyperEdge on multiple assets

AIEA is a specific use-case of this operational awareness enhancement designed for the individual. AIEA can be tuned to specific contexts, environments and expected RF operations..

This platform can be optionally outfitted to automatically extend itself dynamically by teaming with other AIEA enhanced assets across operational areas.

This minimizes RF chatter, frees valuable bandwidth for top priorities, and improves multi-mission awareness while reducing risk profiles.

Figure 1: AIEA - AI Enhanced Warrior Platform

Figure 1-1: AIEA - AI Enhanced Warrior Platform - Visualization

Interesting facts about us.


key staff

David schneider


Founder and CEO, serial entrepreneur.. Expertise in business growth and AI. Extensive experience with systems operating in extreme conditions and with variable and low power

michael lopez


Founder and CTO and another fellow serial entrepreneur. Expertise in technical leadership, architecture, device and cloud platforms.

Russ mygrant


Exceptional business and teams growth leader with experience in business development, operations, fabrication and sales operations.

aaron frank


Experienced business development experience, drone and automation systems experience and financial expertise - for which he is kindly lending for his role as acting CFO.


Systems Architecture

Professor of Computer Science providing expertise in high performance compute to developed inferencing models.

Z Flores, Phd

Experience in advanced algebras - applied to embedded hypergraph spaces.

advisory board

bill fredericks

Aeronautical Advisor

Former marine and NASA Engineer. Currently CEO of AdvancedAircraftCompany which builds long range VTOL BLOS drones. Extensive experience with airframe design, payloads, power and environmental needs.

Dr. josh daymude, PhD

Distributed Computing Advisor

Experience in cutting edge distributed computational environments, led initial prototyping effort with David. Research into algorithmic theory for control, coordination and characterization of collective emergent behavior.

jon michaels

Finance and Business Advisor

Financial services and business expert and a serial entrepeneur - which helps us understand all those trade-off risks and rewards.

dr. mikki behnke, phd

Experimental Design, Statistics Advisor

Multiple roles in statistical advisory capacities, and expertise in experiment design. Oversight and understanding of analysis plans, protocols.

dr. darin taverna, phd

IP Generation, Informatics Pipeline Advisor

Extensive experience in analyzing highly complex biomedical information, and biophysical modeling leading to IP generation and design of informatics pipelines.

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